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I was raised as a Jehovah's Witness from birth until the age of 18, when I realized that there was more to the world than I had been taught. The following years, while exciting in some respects, were also challenging as I set out to rebuild my identity, world view and community from the ground up. 

I found my own time in therapy to be immensely helpful in this endeavor, however therapists I worked with had little familiarity with the depth to which this kind of religious conditioning penetrates the mind and soul. I often wished for someone who not only understood, but was equipped to help rewrite that unique brand of programming.


After earning my doctorate in clinical psychology and accumulating over ten years' experience as a therapist, I am so happy to be able to make good use of my religious background in the service of supporting others who have made the courageous decision to listen to their heart and seek independence. 

I feel so blessed to have found an occupation that I feel so passionately about. My enthusiasm is based both in a love for the work itself and the joy of seeing the positive, life changing results this process has on those who engage with it.

I am currently living in/working from Peru with my two whippets (who hold a very special place in my heart), and have an active interest in plant medicine (primarily ayahuasca), meditation, reading and creating stained glass art.

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I began practicing as a therapist at the beginning of my doctoral program in clinical psychology in 2009. Over the course of my education I worked With a diverse population, including children, family and adults, and gained experience addressing issues related to depression, anxiety, attachment, relationships, and interpersonal challenges. I held a number of internship positions, including in-home family therapist, college counselor, and child therapist at a K-12 school for children with special needs. 

Upon graduating in 2013, i went on to work for an online mental health company, acting as a community director for an app-based counseling service, then moving on to the position of Head of Coaching for their text-based coaching program. I have been developing my private practice since 2017, which is now my sole focus.

Important note: While I do hold a doctorate in psychology and have acquired over 4000 hours of supervised therapy experience, it is not possible for me to hold a license in all the states, provinces, and countries I offer my services in. In order to practice within the limits of the law I work under the title of "therapist", which is a non-regulated term, as opposed to "psychologist".


While this distinction will have no bearing on the quality of our work, it does come with the following limitations:

     1) I am unable to accept most insurance.

     2) I am unable to assign a formal diagnosis for legal or insurance purposes. 



Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or comments you may have.

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