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Drawing on over 10 years of therapy experience, informed by psychodynamic, cognitive behavioral, and narrative approaches to address issues such as depression, anxiety, trauma and relational issues

Religious Recovery

As a former Jehovah's Witness, it makes me so happy to offer specialized support to others who have the courage to move beyond the walls of high-control religion and establish a new life of their own design

Sessions & Fees

I offer free first sessions, with no obligation to continue, to give you a chance to determine whether this service is right for you. Flexible ongoing rates are available for those with financial limitations


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About Me

Upon leaving Jehovah's Witnesses at the age of 18, I found myself alone in a world that the organization had ill-prepared me for. I found psychotherapy to be immensely helpful in rebuilding my life from the ground up, however, most therapists had little familiarity with the depth to which this kind of high-control religious conditioning penetrates the mind and soul. I often wished for someone who not only understood, but was equipped to help rewrite this unique brand of conditioning.


After earning my doctorate in clinical psychology and accumulating over ten years experience as a therapist, I am so happy to be able to offer that kind of specialized attention to others who have taken the courageous step of emancipating themselves from similar organizations.



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